One doesn't just walk into the field of consciousness..., Michael Persimmon
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"It's already a part of you."

"Easy for you to say. But how come I can't tell that it's already there?"

"Because your awareness is unrefined."


"Your awareness has become too gross. You've long ago decided that jumping into thought streams, focusing on to-do lists, entertaining juicy judgements, following made up fantasies, and listening to other voices in your head were simply more important. So you implicitly chose to stop being aware of the underlying field of consciousness--you gave it up in exchange for these mind-based distractions. And your awareness, which was a very fine thing, instead became blunt and gross."

"Surely you're joking."

"No, not at all. It's as simple as that."

"Wha...? How...? Huh! Okay, how do I refine my awareness back to become aware of consciousness again?"

"What you're missing is daily, regular meditation. Though not all meditation has refining of awareness of consciousness as its goal, just as an FYI."

"So then I'd be aware of consciousness?"

"Yes, absolutely. Because it's in you already."

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